Friday, August 27, 2010

Can You Imagine Saying No To The Holy Spirit

As a youngster my mother would say open wide and take your Caster oil, eat your spinach and be strong like Popeye the sailor man (a favorite cartoon years ago). Put your shirt inside your pants don’t be a slouch, sit up in that chair and stand up straight to maintain a strong back, hold your head up and look a person in the eye when talking to them.

Many of these things I would say no to myself, of course back in the day definitely one won’t talk back to your mother, not without consequences. But respect was and is something held in very high esteem. Becoming more Holy Spirit interactive has enormous benefits to us, as when our elders taught us great directions to orchestrate our lives.
There are times when speaking not talking, although there is a time for that, but speaking to myself and I would say no. When I didn’t want to do something, doesn’t matter that it may be a good time or thing to do at that present time. A great deal of the time I hear in my mind the Lord talking to me and not realizing it at that momentous occasion, but something is given to me to do and my reply without thinking is I don’t want to do that. But when in the final analysis, when I analyze it, it is something I would be better off doing.

I have set many goals for myself and when the voice of encourage comes to do what I have planned, the goal I have set for myself, when the voice comes I say no. I say no because I don’t want to do it at that moment. Could it be, I’m lazy or better said; am I stuck in an old habit of failure?
It has been said, you can weather the winds of change by standing firm on your principles. Plans were made and goals were set to exercise right after I eat dinner. Just taking a short walk to burn some of the energy in the form of calories I just stored. I have studied what happens when you eat, the food just eaten does not burn and turn into energy until you perform some type of exercise.

Now sleeping is a form of exercise that can burn a few calories, but when you eat more than can be burned this form of exercise is not good for this particular goal. It will speed up the metabolism a bit, but the not enough to burn those calories just consumed, so these calories store and turns to fat. The body is smart it knows how to use what has been given to it. So the walk helps burn off the calories by turning them into energy. This process also builds more lean muscles which also burns fat, goal reached right.

Now remember, I said no when that still quiet voice said to me to stick to the plan your goal. Lay on the floor and getting off the floor now is a task in itself. But lay on the floor to do a few sit ups or leg ups and go for that walk to burn off what you just ate and maintain the progress for attaining you goal.

This is an ah-hah moment. You can see that in that quiet moment, in that instant of time and space. The Holy Spirit is guiding me into a truth. He is sent to guide us into all truths. The Lord is helping me in my hour of need, this one small millisecond. John 16:13 says He will guild you into all truths and will show you things to come. Most people take this as just pertaining to and reminding us of what Christ has said and about His second coming and prophesies.

Proverb 3:6 in all thy ways He will direct your paths. This is huge as meaning every tiny detail of a believer’s life can be guided when you learn to tune our hearing to the things God is sharing with us.

So my conclusion is when I think no to the things that come up in my head. I must think again when I say no, as wisdom is applied yes could be the best answer to follow. Guidance has been given to the extent for a victorious end result toward the position we strive to attain.

There is so much to say and more must continue to be expressed in the days ahead. Remember as stated before hand “you can weather the winds of change by standing firm on your principles.� Develop habits of success by becoming more Holy Spirit interactive in our daily lives.

T. Nathan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holy Spirit Interactive Realized

When we realize the small things, big things are waiting to happen for us and to us. First we must tune our hearing to listen to that still quiet voice, don’t harden you hearing, but pay attention for His voice and it will become clear as a bell who is speaking in our lives. Maybe we favor listening to that other doubt giving voice, that has been such a great distraction is our lives. However listen below to a few ideas to tune those ears to hear His voice, the Judge of all the heavens and the earth.

• All good gifts come from above James 1:17– it can be no one else, even down to our thoughts, but be careful and try God and prove Him. “My sheep hear my voice”
• He is sent but to guide us into all truths John 16:13- now this is really something when you think about it, all truths even what lies around the corner, which could be warning or great rewards. You want to hear more about that.
• To remind us that the victory is ours and abundant living is in our hands, take a good look at your hands, go ahead and take a look. God told Moses what is that in your hands…when Moses had a moment of doubt. 1Cor.15:57
• Not to harden our hearts when God, and you recognize it is He, talks to you and you chose not to listen. Heb. 3:8
• That in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Prov. 3:6

These are but a few thoughts to encourage us and that a great time ahead is before those that darn to try God and prove that His Word is God and He can be no shorter that it is written. I darn you to become more Holy Spirit interactive and watch you faith soar and you will see angels ascending and descending on the one who is willing to be more of what God intended for us all to become.

T. Nathan

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventures of Becoming Holy Spirit Interactive

Can you feel the Lord compelling you, commanding you to produce more fruit. If not don’t worry each believer is at a different point in his or her walk with the Lord. It is written any branch that is connected to the vine will produce fruit and becoming more Holy Spirit interactive is the activity that will encourage us to work a lot closer in heavenly affairs, and to work closer with the Holy Spirit Himself.

Most new in their relationship with the Almighty may not be in a place where, being fruitful is a thought that is necessary. Believe me there are babes that have been in the church for 50 years and will not understand that they should be more fruitful and that doesn’t exclude some in leadership positions.

What is being fruitful, of course there are many definitions. With out a doubt it does mean forward progress. Not only maturing within yourself, as it is written in the Word of God as pertaining to behavioral changes and letting your new light illuminate. But most certainly to become a service to God and to love our fellow man as we love ourselves.

Here in lies the quintessential factor of being a child of God and servant of the Most High. Let’s face it, yes let us face the fact that making disciples of all nations one soul at a time is what the Lord has in mind for us all. No matter what the capacity that we serve in the body now, this is an ultimate goal God for us all. For one man can send a thousand to flight and two can send ten thousand, divine mathematics.

There is excitement in joining the ranks that wins souls for Christ. We will actively engaging in the fight for souls, becoming fishers for men and being wise as serpents and humble as doves in the process. Many will not even know they are the hunted until they are already in our nets. They are being hunted down, persuaded and conquered by the other side in case we may not realize it.

So as this brief thought comes to a close, this has become our opportunity win back which may be lost. By listening and hearing to what the Holy Spirit has to say to us, even through the many distractions of our daily lives.

We should team up by with heaven whom we love, to become more Holy Spirit Interactive, to be guided into all truths. This not only means an abundant life, praising our Father, but to fight a good fight against sin and Satan.

Truly this will place us in the mist of the throne room of God, where Christ is seated at the right hand of power, that we may produce the fruit that has a sweet smelling savor to please Him and make us more productive in the war and adventures between the good, the bad and let us add the ugly (smile), till we meet again.

T. Nathan

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When we can love people genuinely and befriend them in our 5-10 minute encounters, miraculous things will happen. Imagine if no one ever shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with you. There are people out there that just don’t know enough about their fate without being covered by the blood of the Lamb. They have some ideas or have heard some things, but the devil is a liar and not enough truth for them to ask for forgiveness for their sins in the name of Jesus. We all had to be lead to Christ.

Have you saved a soul today, “he that saves a soul hides a multitude of sins� James 5:20. We see people everyday, we come in contact with them at our grocery stores, our gas stations, in our shopping, etc. By learning a few tactics and techniques and working in conjunction with heaven (and that last statement is very big). See it this way become more Holy Spirit interactive, by hearing God’s still quiet voice instructing us who to strike a conversation with, the person right next to us or staring us in the face.

This good conversation will give way to pass them our card and ask for their card. Now knowing they most likely may not have one, but often because we had a pleasant, joyful conversation, that lead to what church they attended or are they a believer. That small conversation could lead to them sharing their contact info, phone number or an email address or the prayer of salvation. In return we can befriend that person by an invite to an event, a bible class or service or even a picnic. So in the out come we just may hide a multitude of sins.

Statistics show people are intrigued to know more about what you have to say about God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The media has bombarded the world with the negative side of life and this is advertised to them daily. They want to be blessed and what to know what they must do and why.

It is encouraging to know that the Lord wants to give them the best life has to offer, an abundant life. God wants to care for them, as it is written in his Word about his promises, but we need to know what those promises are. Surely that takes a little time and study to find out how much God loves them. And yes God is a Holy God and must destroy sin, which means our sins must be covered to be saved, that grace may abound and qualify us for the promises.

How many souls did you bring to Christ this week, this month or perhaps so far even this pass year. Some believers say I help pass food out last month on Saturday, or our church is active in evangelism every other Saturday. However the Almighty is saying to us in Isaiah 6: 8, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?� This is something that was a way of life for Christ, everyday it was His mission to save that which was lost and share the love of God.

It would not be a problem for us to do the same, when we are Holy Spirit interactive, learn what and when to say something to people as God gives us the opportunity. It really is no great challenge to love people more and become fishers of men, it just takes desire to become more obedient to God’s Holy Word. I am looking forward to upcoming adventures as the Holy Spirit is more active in our lives. More about becoming Holy Spirit Interactive can be found of